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Four-Slide Products

1 Four-Slide Products
Four-slide products are small stamped-bent component parts. The process includes bending and shearing. Material shape could be either round wire or flat wire.
222 Precision Stamping Products
Stamping products is our extension products, which are functional components. Mainly provide to customers in the auto industry and widely used in various parts of the auto manufacturing process, our stamping products suitable for those require high precision and certain shapes.
333 Arc spring
Arc spring are made of round wire and deformed wire.Product type including
1) Single Arc Spring
2) Outer and Inner Arc Spring(single inner & double inner )
3) Outer and Inner Arc Spring with portable disk We've got the patent for this technology for more than 6 year. After years of R&D and experience in production, we ensure mature and stable process to guarantee product performance and fatigue.
444 Flocking spring
Flocking is a kind of surface treatment which i s an electrostatic application of polyamide fibers on spring wire.Color and cover area could be finished according to customers’requests.The purpose of using flocking surface treatment is to reduce noise and grease of the springs during working.Capacity: spring length 50mm-1000mm
555 Spring products
Spring products mainly classify as three types: compression,tension, torsion. Springs are the fundamental products of Lizhou. Although the product range has widely expanded now, as the fundamental product line, we still continue to maintain and develop our spring products, explore the possibility to combine with other products.Assist customers to improve the spring design, to reduce the cost. We choose materials according to the  needs of our customers and to provide fastspeed batch production.We have the secondary process such as tempering,prestressing, grinding process to ensure the quality and performance.
666 The Assembly products
  • The assembly product is an important part of lizhou value-added service s .Lizhou with its perfect supplier system and form a complete set of assembly ability to simplify customer management of the supply chain and reduce customer costs. Lizhou with injection and lathe work team,can be in lizhou shrapnel, stamping,spring products do assembly products. Lizhou will continue        to strengthen the service, and willing to invest more supporting services for the key projects.
777 New product
- Spiral and Power Springs , Spiral spring is one end fixed and the other end of the torque; In torque bending elastic deformation under the action of spring material, make the spring to produce reverse in the plane, its the size of the deformation Angle is proportional to the torque.
- Wave springs
, Wave springs are particularly applicable to the need of weight loss and by application of small space limitation, compare to the ormal wire springs, wave spring can save up to 50% of the space and 70% of the weight.

- Constant Force Spring, Constant Spring is a constant tension force design spring, can be fixed in a variety ways, and carry out partial or complete tension,there is almost no limit on the tensile speed.
QQ截图20180529133921- Clutch Pack Spring, Clutch pack spring usually used in the drive system, clutch, gearbox. Compare with other typical spring, its special construction not only can maximize the fatigue life, but also can balance the surface load.
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