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LIZHOU is a leading manufacturer of precision springs and metal shaped solutions in China.We have been a strategic supplier of custom springs, progressive stampings, fine blanked stampings,machined components, and assemblies for over 20 years. We serve OEMs in a wide variety of industries including automobile,electricity, medical, aerospace,electronics and consumer products.As a comprehensive solutions provider we collaborate with our customers through all stages of product development. The difference you get with us is our experience and capabilities in developing innovative and difficult-to-make parts.


Spring Industry is a tiny section in the whole manufacturing industry, but its role should not be underestimated. To accelerate the development of the industrial manufacturing industry, as a critical component, the spring industry should have a foresight development, to adapt the rapid change of environment and technology.
For the past few decades, spring industry more like a production demand services. Nowadays, in the transformation of science and technology, high-end precision spring market demand is constant growing, but in the view of domestic market, most enterprises still focus on the labour power, massive production and low technology products. Only few enterprises could stand on the technological frontier, to pursuit of high precision, suitable for high-tech products.
Lizhou Group is one of the enterprise continue to pursue own technology breakthrough, enhance the core competitiveness power. As accumulation of more than twenty years experiences, we provides for the customer qualified products, and focus on technical support and service, our primary goal is to fully solve the customer difficult-to-make parts.
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