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Overseas Sales Assistant
      Job Responsibilities
●  Master professional product knowledge, understand customers needs, and assist sales team to serve the customers. 
●  Joint sales team to plan and carry out promotion activities.
●  Daily maintenance of orders, quotation, sampling, delivery, and inter-departmental communication and coordination. 
●  Support works to sales team to achieve sales target, and finish sales data analysis.
●  Keep learing and practice, and review to improve business skill to develop more sales. 

●  With continuous innovation thinking, willing to accept new knowledge, and have clear thinking and judgement ability.
●  With positive attitude, strong service consciousness, and pay attention to teamwork.
●  With bright personality, skilled in communication and customer maintenace.
●  English level CET-6, or Japanese level II.  
Career Development
Overseas Sales Assistant - Primary Sales Engineer -Sales Engineer / Sales Group Leader - Senior Sales Engineer / (Dupty) Sales Manager
Quality Engineer
        Job Responsibilities
●  To follow up and supervise system management, carry out improvements based on customer audits.
●  To optimize system files and and process flow. 
●  To participate in both internal and customer audits, and follow up improvements on open issues.
●  To contact and communicate with customers' SQE to understand requirements on open issues, and to coordinate with internal departments to ensure the improvements.  
●  To carry out audits on suppliers regularly, and give instructions to improvements on open issues. 
●  Master knowledge about ISO9001/ISO14001/OHSAS18001/IATF16949 system.
●  With IATF16949 certificate for internal auditor. 
●  Skilled in communication and coordination, and learning quickly.
●  English level CET-6.  
Career Development
Quality Engineer + SQE -  (Dupty) Section Supervisor -(Dupty) Manager
Project Manager
         Job Responsibilities
●  R&D : new product feasibility evaluation, drawing & approval, process development, and setting up files for auto application parts. 
●  Communicate with customer regularly to find out customer needs and to support customers by offering technical solutions.
●  Complete technical files required by systems, participate in customer audit and make plan for improvements. 
●  Program management, follow up projects, coordinate with all departments to guarantee quality and lead time.  
●  Participate exhibitions to find out customer needs and develop new products based on market analysis.
●  Bachelor's Degree, Institute/Machinery/Material Science Major
●  Skilled in using software including CAD, Proe, UG, etc.
●  Skilled in communication and coordination 
●  English CET-6 
Career Development
Reserve Engineer - Primary Engineer - Senior Engineer - (Dupty) Project Manager - Engineer Director
Purchasing Manager 

Job Responsibilities:
  • Make overall planning for purchasing work, make purchasing plan, control material purchasing         price reasonably;
  • Perform procurement tasks according to the company's procurement process, including online         and offline inquiry price comparison, sample request, contract negotiation and account                       reconciliation.
  • Regularly organize relevant departments to grade suppliers, evaluate quality price, service and           other aspects of  delivery date, and ensure smooth drainage of suppliers.
  • Pay close attention to the market price fluctuation of main raw materials, understand the                   market trend, and submit regular market analysis and strategic purchasing suggestion reports           for the reference of decision makers.
  • Maintain and evaluate existing qualified suppliers and continue to develop new suppliers
  • Improve the establishment of a systematic procurement process;
  • Responsible for various work procedures and professional skills training of purchasers, and                 constantly improve the purchasing efficiency and skills of team members

  • 3 to 5 years of experience in hardware purchasing, more than 2 years of experience in                         purchasing management, professional understanding of metal wire (round wire, flat wire);
  • With a holistic view, can grasp the overall situation of the supply chain and find a better                     supply chain.
  • Proficient in purchasing cost control methods;Familiar with finance, tax, invoice and other                   related knowledge, proficient in purchasing negotiation skills;
  • Good professional ethics, problem solving and negotiation skills
  • Familiar with office software and ERP syste
DGM Operations Assistant 

Job Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for the planning and implementation of lean production projects, lead the continuous                improvement of lean production, supervise and check the implementation of lean production in all departments;
  • It is proposed to optimize the process flow of production, so as to improve the production efficiency.
  • Responsible for production data collection, efficiency monitoring and abnormal working hours                        analysis and processing, work quota and labor quota measurement, analysis and improvement;
  • Diagnose and identify all kinds of waste and non-value-added activities in the process of production              operation, formulate improvement plans and programs, and lead all departments to continuously                    improve and improve abnormal prevention;
  • Organize various departments of the factory to carry out lean production methods and tools training               and assessment;
  • Track, coach, evaluate and summarize lean projects, and gradually promote and improve the                           construction of lean management system.
  • Assist operation deputy general manager to manage and handle the related affairs arranged.

  • College degree or above, major in industrial engineering, machinery, etc., 5 years of field                                management or improvement experience.
  • have practical operation and management experience in many lean improvement projects, and I am            familiar with lean production and IE improvement methods. Experience in automobile manufacturing is          preferred.
  • Experience in leading on-site improvement cases, able to complete on-site improvement                                  independently;]
  • Good command of CAD drawing and good command of English reading and writing.
  • Hardworking, down-to-earth, good communication and coordination skills and proactive work attitude.

E-mail: hr@lizhou.com
Contact: Ms.Lei

Manufacturing Manager

Job Responsibilities:
  • To comprehensively plan and manage the overall work of the production department and take full               responsibility for the production task, delivery date, quality target and raw material consumption control;
  • Planning, promoting, establishing and improving the manufacturing management system to ensure               the effective operation of the quality system in the department;
  • Responsible for the management, education and training of the staff of the department;
  • Responsible for coordinating and communicating with relevant departments to solve various                           emergency problems in production.
  • Responsible for the control and optimization of labor cost, production efficiency, 6S and lean                             production ofworkshop staff;
  • Be responsible for the response to the production module when the certification authority and the                   customer audit the factory.

Requirements :
  • College degree or above, major in mechanical, electromechanical, mould, etc.Aged 28-40;
  • At least 3 years working experience as production manager;At least 5 years production site                               management
  • experience in hardware/auto parts/machinery/electronics/electrical industry.
  • Be familiar with all aspects of the production system and have an in-depth understanding of                             production management,
  • lean production, quality management, ISO9000 or IATF16949 system.
  • Strong communication skills, coordination ability, management ability, production exception handling             ability;
  • Good moral character, high quality, strong ability to resist pressure, good professionalism.
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