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Auto Industry

Elastic products do have averywide range of applications, our products also innovate with the development of the whole industry, from initial electronic components, leisure equipment, sanitary ware, to high-end electronics, electricity,automotive, railway, aviation,and in the future more involved in the aerospace and medical industries.
1_conew1 Auto Industry
Due to rapid iteration, beside the quality, customers needs technical and service support, to assisting them accelerate the product development.Our senior technical team support on the early stage of sales process, which won the customer recognition, and assist them successfully developed numerous high-tech/diff icult-to-made products.Auto industry is our biggest serving industry which takes 60% of our sales. And the products are used in Steering system , Clutch , Engine,Gearing system, Rearview Mirror system, ABS/ESP/ESC Motor, Interior system ,Trunk supporting bar system , Seating system etc …
2_conew1 Medical Profession
The medical industry development is at it’s booming stage, as it’s close related to life, the products demand extreme precision.We keeping exploring this industry,and introduction of CNC precision machining equipment to match the need of this industry.Our products mainly used in the syringes, drug delivery device, blood glucose meters, lancing devices, blood collection device, electric pregnancy test device etc.
3_conew1 Aerospace
Aerospace Industry requires very precise and safe accessories,currently the industry in China is still on the initial stage, and huge market demand in future, we believe we will involve and serving the aerospace industry with our premium products.At present, our products are mainly used in aviation interiors, such as the seat spring, fastener, small springs etc.
4_conew1Railway Transit
In recent years,China has vigorously develop the railway transit industry,China absorbed advanced professional technology from the western developed countries, vigorously develop its own technology innovation capacity; We seize the opportunity to support the localization of domestic and foreign enterprises.At present, our products mainly used in rail traffic braking system and interior decoration.
5_conew1Power & Electricity
Lizhou has provided products for Power & Electricity industry since its foundation,Our products are mainly used in medium-high voltage switchgear and shielding. We provides one stop service to our customer,from spring production assembly sandblasting, welding, etc… .The serving products include spring, stamping, multislide,switchgear spring assembly,shielding electrode spring assembly, etc
6_conew1 Valve Industry Electronic & Home Appliance Sanitary Products And Consumer Products
Electronic , Home Appliance, Sanitary And Consumer Products is Lizhou group grow partners,it do have various products,from few millimeters precision springs, to tens of centimeters functional components, we are committed to to endue the products with higher quality, better performance,longer lasting life, primary goal is to provide a comfortable experience to the end users.

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