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Xiamen Lizhou Company 25th anniversary celebration----Tour to Nanjing Tulou Cluster

Views: 1049     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-05-01      Origin: Site

On 3rd April , 2018, Xiamen Lizhou Company have celebrated its 25th anniversary. 

After 25 years of honed and precipitation,  Xiamen Lizhou Company has achieved a successful transformation from traditional OEM manufacturing enterprise to ODM technology service value enterprise under the joint efforts of the team.


Happy birthday to Lizhou for 25 years old! Let the new journey set sail from here.

A go-with-feel travel!

On 31st March,2018, Xiamen Lizhou Company organized all the staffs to take part in spring outing activities - tour to Nanjing Tulou Cluster , in addition,  held the 25th anniversary celebration ceremoniously.

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For the employees, Lizhou is a big family,a school, and an army, in which we live and work happily; which teaches us to stay humble, keep learning to improve our professional skills and self-value; which has the strongest power to fight for the goal of becoming centennial valueable brand of spring & stamping parts.

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Unknowingly, many staffs grow up together with lizhou more than 20 years. Many thanks to those who contributed their best youth to spring career.

Chairman Mr. Li, gave the highest honor and awards to staffs who worked in lizhou for more than 20 years.  

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Staffs who were born in April had enjoyed the moment of making wishes and blowing candles together.

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Every cooperation makes us more tacit to each other. Teamwork is the cornerstone of our growth together.

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There are many folk masters!

Every journey of heart is full of emotion and expectation. In order for staffs to express their sincere wishes to LIZHOU, a essay competition was held. Staffs show active participation. And it resulted in receiving manyvaluable meaningful articles. 

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The 25th anniversary celebration came to the end. The next 5 years, we continue to work together!

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