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Xiamen Lizhou won “Award for Quality Excellence” from Panasonic PMX

Views: 773     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-07-18      Origin: Site

The annual supplier conference of Panasonic PMX was held on 29th Jun. 2018. As an important strategic partner of Panasonic, Xiamen Lizhou was honored to be invited and attended the conference again. 

Panasonic PMX committed to the development and production of automotive vehicle motor, with its main products ESC, ABS motor widely used in a variety of models of driving stability system, anti-lock braking system. And each of these motors uses Lizhous precision springs for fixing magnets, so as to assure the performance and safety of motor.

In addition to the conventional agenda, theres one more activity for this year - visiting Panasonic factory. It was arranged in the morning, leaders of relevant departments from Panasonic PMX factory had guided suppliers the tour to the production lines and showed the scientific and advanced factory management concepts and methods. Then the supplier conference was held in the afternoon which had given conclusion to the past year as well as sharing with suppliers the future goals and expressed Panasonics expectation for continous supports from all suppliers in the coming future.

With years of development, Xiamen Lizhou and Panasonic has become strategic partners. Both have a deep understanding and same development goal of automobile safety and high quality assurance. When the exciting moment of award ceremony came , Xiamen Lizhou was rewarded the " Award for Quality Excellence Award". It was another witness of Xiamen Lizhous business pholosophy - "Technology innovation, Lean production, With excellent products expand the market".

The supplier conference ended with a happy dinner party. Best wishes to both of the two companies for future development.


Figure 1:  Visit Panasonic Factory


Figure 2:  Award ceremony


Figure 3:  Award for Quality Excellence


Figure 4: A group photo of excellent suppliers

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