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Xiamen Lizhou Company New Year Party Was Held

Views: 361     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-02-04      Origin: Site

Xiamen Lizhou Company New Year Party was held on 3rd Feb, with the Theme of " Have A Dream, and Become A High End Brand".




We get-together because we have a dream - to become sucessfull. The procedure of becoming sucess is hard, but we are full of hope and work hard. We believe that one day our dreams will come true. 


It was full of challening in 2017, however we overcome every difficulty. Its great happy to have better us. All progress of Lizhou due to the devote of the whole Lizhou members. We are pround and thankful to be Lizhou members.  


Our growth due to the stratiges and guildacne of the Family leaders.

China Industries if on the way to become high end manufacturing, Lizhou manufactring is following the orientation by continous improvement and innovations. Based on efficient Digital Management, we are coming towards to the goal of 4.0 Industry.

Lizhou aim to become a high-end Brand of Springs & Stamping, to become a respected Technolgy Service Manufacturing Brand.   


We will establish a solid fundation, and looking forward to the future, working even harder by setting up high standards to ourselves.  


The award ceremony was heldo at the party to reward the accomplishment of the target of "ERP system upgrade". There are also "Lucky Draw" Time to share the luckiness.


And more wonder performances.


2017, we are together; 2018 we shall continue harder. Wish a brighter new year.

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