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Fuzhou Lizhou Company New Year Party Successfully Held on 1st Feb, 2018

Views: 217     Author: Dudy     Publish Time: 2018-02-02      Origin: Lizhou Group

Tust, Teamwork, Innovation, Win-win!

We've obtained good harvest because of the hardwork in 2017. We'll do better in the coming year because we persuit a firm gold and nerver give in.


Fuzhou Lizhou Spring company New Year Party was held on 1st Feb, to celebrate the good harvest of 2017, and welcome the coming challenging 2018.


2017 was extremely challenging to all Fuzhou Lizhou members. However, we are all pround of the final results come out. Under strategic leading of the directors, whole team worked hard and devoted themselves with soul and heart.We achieved 12% increase of sales volume, and 6% increase of average employee income in 2017. Meanwhile, we completed the target of "integrated work-shop" and "ERP systerm" upgrade, which firmed a good foundation for Digital Operation Management.  

Our employees have well prepared with versatile performance during the party, including singing, dancing, crosstalk, sketch, instrumental ensemble, etc.    

Fair lady dancing show the classical beauty.   


sketch performance brought us back to childhook Hot TV plays, reminded us of the good memories. 


Pinano, flute and erhu ensemble. 


Another sketch performance told us about the interesting things happened during office work. 


Happy Dancing of Little Men.


A sketch to express wishes for Happy New Year.  


Exciting moments: Lucky Draw. 


The party ending in sound of joy and full with best wishes for the new year. See you next year.  

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